Spotlight on Progress

We are excited to share our Spotlight on 2020 annual report highlighting a few of the ODP's accomplishments last year. The report summarizes key projects related to each of the ODP’s six strategic priorities and outlines how they impact public health.

2020 Highlights

Addressing COVID-19 (PDF)

While this was a unique year for us all, the ODP is proud to have been able to continue working toward our mission while also contributing to the NIH's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our office assisted with the development of several funding opportunities and the COVID-19 PhenX Toolkit, a catalog of COVID-19-related measurement protocols for investigators to use in research.

Identifying Evidence Gaps and Moving Prevention Research Forward (PDF)

In July 2020, we awarded a contract to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to help develop a standardized way of describing and reporting gaps in evidence-based clinical prevention.

We also continued to identify gaps in important public health topics through the Pathways to Prevention program.

Expanding Our Analysis of the NIH Prevention Research Portfolio (PDF)

The ODP’s analysis of NIH prevention research has traditionally focused on funded research using the 12 most common activity codes. In 2020, we began to capture additional aspects of NIH’s investment in prevention research. Our analysis now includes research projects conducted by investigators across all career levels and newly funded as well as unfunded research applications received by the NIH.

Developing Training Resources for Prevention Researchers (PDF)

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that more researchers are actively seeking out, and taking advantage of, online training resources. We saw a 54% increase in traffic to our methods training resources in 2020, and we are committed to expanding our repository of training resources for prevention researchers around the world.

Partnering to Drive Innovative Research to Address Multiple Chronic Conditions (PDF)

Multimorbidity—also referred to as multiple chronic conditions (MCCs)—is defined as the co-occurrence of two or more chronic health conditions. MCCs can be challenging and resource-intensive to assess and address, and they are often poorly captured in research studies. We published two Funding Opportunity Announcements to solicit innovative research to better understand, measure, and intervene on multimorbidity.

Collaborating to Address the Youth Vaping Epidemic (PDF)

E-cigarette prevention and cessation interventions for youth and young adults are still emerging, and research to determine the effectiveness of these interventions is urgently needed. To address these research gaps, ODP staff, including members of the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program, co-funded and helped plan a workshop on E-Cigarette Prevention and Cessation in Youth and Young Adults.

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