Promote Collaborative Research

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Strategic Priority 4

Promote collaborative prevention research and facilitate coordination of collaborative projects and efforts across NIH and with other public and private partners.


The objectives for the Promote Collaborative Research strategic priority focus on coordinating NIH-wide prevention research efforts, developing new collaborative prevention initiatives, and supporting existing prevention research initiatives across NIH. ODP will collaborate with NIH, federal agencies, and external partners to accelerate translation of prevention research evidence into programs, practice, and policies to improve public health for all.

  • Collaborations 4.1: Establish and facilitate infrastructures and processes to foster prevention research coordination and collaboration across NIH and with public and private partners.
  • Collaborations 4.2: Coordinate and support collaborative initiatives to address prevention research gaps and promote integration of evidence-based interventions and policies into routine practices and settings.
  • Collaborations 4.3: Advance evidence-based approaches for identifying future prevention research gaps and priorities and collaborate on NIH-wide and federal-wide activities to address them.
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