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Strategic Priority VI

Strategic Priority VI

Communicate the importance and value of prevention research, disseminate prevention research resources and programs, and build and enhance relationships with key stakeholders.


Strategic communication and outreach play an essential role in moving prevention research findings into practice and, ultimately, improving public health. The ODP develops and disseminates prevention research tools and resources. The Office broadens and strengthens research partnerships by collaborating with stakeholders including NIH ICs, federal agencies, extramural researchers, professional societies, and the public to publicize information about the progress,findings, and future needs of the field.

The ODP’s communications work directly supports all the strategic priorities and activities of the Office. These efforts raise awareness about the work of the Office and its stakeholders. The communications team develops messaging for ODP initiatives, promotes ODP events and programs, and manages the ODP’s website and social media accounts.

Objectives for FY 2019–2023

  1. Develop strategies and materials that will increase the understanding of the breadth, contributions, and value of prevention research.
  2. Improve the availability and visibility of information about prevention research and promote prevention-related events conducted by the NIH and other federal agencies.
  3. Build effective relationships and engage with stakeholders to coordinate and enhance communications about disease prevention research.
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