Communicate Efforts and Findings

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Strategic Priority 7

Highlight the value of prevention research by developing resources, sharing information, and strengthening partnerships.


The objectives for the Communicate Efforts and Findings strategic priority focus on enhancing existing resources and identifying ways to expand the office's reach and inform new audiences. ODP will develop innovative interactive digital, audio, and visual content, while increasing the use of plain language and evaluating and adapting to new technologies and platforms. These activities will include ODP using a targeted approach to build and leverage its partnerships and highlight the impact of prevention research.

  • Communications 7.1: Improve the availability and visibility of information about prevention research and promote prevention-related events conducted by NIH and other federal agencies.
  • Communications 7.2: Inform ODP’s audiences about the scope and impact of prevention research.
  • Communications 7.3: Engage with partners to foster opportunities to enhance and support ODP’s mission.


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