Pathways to Prevention (P2P)

Workshop Program

Workshop Planning

The ODP provides leadership, infrastructure, funding, and coordination of the P2P workshops. Each workshop is planned with the collaboration of partners from across the NIH, other federal agencies, content-area experts, and individuals representing public-centered values and concerns.

NIH ODP Pathways to Prevention Process

Flowchart of P2P process outlined below
*Responsible Party [Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ); Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPC); Institute and Centers (IC); Office of Disease Prevention (ODP)]

Proposal Review and Approval

Step 1: Proposal Submission


Any NIH Institute, Center, or Office (IC) may submit an application proposal for a P2P Workshop. Other government agencies or trans-agency workgroups, professional societies, and advocacy organizations may also propose topics with an NIH IC as a sponsor.

  1. Complete a Proposal Form: Workshop proposal form 
  2. Submit form to:

Step 2: ODP Review


An ODP committee reviews the workshop proposal to see if it meets the P2P workshop criteria. An accepted proposal is moved to the next phase of the process.


Workshop Planning and Implementation

Step 3: Organizational Meeting


A committee comprised of key federal employees reviews the scope and timing of the workshop and makes nominations for the Workshop & Panel Chair, workshop panelists, and members of the Content-Area Expert Group.

Step 4: Content-Area Expert Group Meeting


Content-Area Experts make recommendations to the Workshop & Panel Chair regarding workshop questions, agenda, and speaker nominations.

Step 5: Pathways to Prevention Workshop


The workshop includes presentations by experts and open discussion sessions.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) releases its draft systematic evidence review.

Immediately following the workshop, and after assessing the systematic evidence review, expert presentations, and public comments, the unbiased, independent workshop panel prepares a draft report that summarizes the workshop and identifies research gaps and future research priorities. 


Workshop Report and Follow-Up

Step 6: Post-Workshop Dissemination


Within a few weeks of the workshop, the panel's draft report is posted on the ODP website for public comment. After reviewing the public comments, the panel prepares a final report, which is also posted on the ODP website. The final workshop panel report may be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Step 7: Federal Partners Meeting


The ODP convenes federal partners to review the panel report and to identify possible opportunities for collaboration and future research.

Step 8: Evaluation and Outcomes


As part of an official evaluation of the P2P program’s impact, the ODP will assess and track short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes stemming from each P2P workshop. Outcomes that will be monitored may include: new funding initiatives by the sponsoring ICs, increased collaboration among the federal partners on the P2P topic, bibliometric analyses of the panel report and systematic evidence review publications, etc.

Last updated on December 10, 2018