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Mei Wa Kwong, J.D.

Mei Wa Kwong

Center for Connected Health Policy
Executive Director

Presentation Abstract

The Outcomes of Provider-to-Provider Telehealth: Relevance for Private and Public Payers

Studies have shown that use of provider-to-provider telehealth, sometimes referred to as “eConsult,” has proven beneficial to patients and providers. Patients receive quicker responses and treatment with their care often remaining with their current provider, typically a primary care provider. The primary care provider receives a quick specialist consultation and the specialist’s time is more efficiently used as to handle more complex ones or patients that should be seen in-person. However, the use of eConsult is not widespread due to various policies that encumber its use. This presentation will focus on policy issues that support or create challenges for provider-to-provider telehealth, particularly for rural providers. Issues covered will include reimbursement, regulatory challenges and others. Also discussed will be how public and private payers’ policies influence the utilization of provider-to-provider telehealth.

About Ms. Kwong

Ms. Mei Wa Kwong has over two decades of experience in state and federal policy work. She is the Executive Director for the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP), the federally designated National Telehealth Policy Resource Center. She has written numerous policy briefs, crafted state legislation, and led several coalition efforts on a variety of issues as well as assisted states in their telehealth efforts, particularly in Medicaid and public health. 

Ms. Kwong is recognized as a national expert on telehealth policy. She helped create the model statute language that became the basis of the 2011 California state legislation that updated California telehealth law, published several articles on telehealth and telehealth policy in various peer-reviewed journals, and is the co-author of CCHP’s 50 State Medicaid Telehealth Reimbursement Survey. She has been consulted by state and federal lawmakers on telehealth legislation and policy and is sought out by the media to provide insight on telehealth issues. Ms. Kwong is a sought-after speaker who has spoken to a variety of audiences including health industry executives, physicians, journalists, attorneys, and various national organizations. 

Prior to joining CCHP, Ms. Kwong was the Policy Analyst for Children’s Home Society of California where she worked on education and early childhood issues. She was recognized for her work by the Child Development Policy Institute.

Ms. Kwong is a graduate of the George Washington University Law School and has a B.A. in international affairs. 

Ms. Kwong did not disclose any conflicts of interest for this workshop.

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