Pathways to Prevention (P2P) Program

Graphic Recording for the Roundtable on Cardiovascular Risks and Interventions

This graphic illustrates highlights from the presentations and discussion that were part of the roundtable on cardiovascular risks and interventions during Day 3 of the P2P Workshop: Identifying Risks and Interventions to Optimize Postpartum Health. To learn more about the workshop or view the recordings, visit the main workshop page.

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Social Determinants of Health a First Pregnancy

  • Up to 80% of cardiovascular disease is avoidable
  • Food access
  • Income and social status indicators of risk
  • Screen for social determinants


  • Lifestyle and literacy programs
  • Screening tool kit
  • Support younger women

Cardiovascular Risk factors

  • Sex-specific risk factors
  • Inflammation
  • Hypertension

Trends in Postpartum Outcomes

Risk factors:

  • Cardiovascular main cause of death postpartum
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Tobacco use
  • Diabetes
  • Black and Indigenous mothers at higher risk


  • Increased funding
  • Interdisciplinary study groups
  • Policy changes
  • Support to remote locations

Impact of Blood Pressure

  • What are blood pressure goals?

Making Sure Women Don’t Get Lost

  • Listen to patients
  • Breakdown silos of care
  • More cross talk
  • Bring care to patients
  • More trial funding
  • When and how to educate patients
  • Partner better

Increasing Trust

  • Recognize environmental factors
  • More diversity in medical care

Long-term Approach

  • Good partners
  • 72-hour telehealth

Access to Care

  • Listen!
  • Advocate for patients
  • Medicaid expansion
  • Remove barriers to care


  • Parental leave
  • Coverage gap for women
  • Reimbursement payments


Cardiomyopathy in teens:

  • Mirrors general population

Standardized timelines?

  • Longer and more follow up!

Team-based approach for woman in abusive circumstance:

  • Pull in help
  • Hotline and resources

Microplastics and hypertension:

  • BPA exposure
  • Needs more study

Counseling and care for young patients:

  • Access
  • Contraception education across health care
  • Education in schools

Changes in the U.S.:

  • California leave helps
  • Increase over time
  • Expected sharp rise post Roe decision

Lack of postpartum study?

  • Overly baby focused
  • Not thought to be important

Weight management postpartum:

  • Reduce shame
  • Focus on health habit
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