2023 Co-Funded Research Projects

ODP provided limited co-funding to NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices, and other agencies in 2023 for extramural prevention grants, NIH-sponsored meetings and workshops, and federal initiatives and projects.

NIH-Funded Grants

OrganizationProject TitleGrant NumberPrincipal Investigator and Institution
FICUniversity of California Launching Future Leaders in Global Health Research Training Program 5 D43 TW009343-12Craig Cohen, University of California, San Francisco
FICGlobal Health Equity Scholars Program5 D43 TW010540-07Albert Ko, Yale University
FICIntegrated Networks of Scholars in Global Health Research Training (INSIGHT) ODP supplement5 D43 TW012274-02Manhattan Charurat, University of Maryland Baltimore
FICUJMT FGHF Launching Future Leaders in Global Health (LAUNCH) Research Training Program Admin Supplement5 D43 TW009340-12Benjamin Chi, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
FICACHIEVE Administrative Supplement for Trainee Funding (ODP)5 D43 TW012275-02Fred Ssewamala, Washington University
NCATSAnalytics & Machine-learning for Maternal-health Interventions (AMMI): A Cross-CTSA Collaboration1 U01 TR003629-02Alison Stuebe, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
NCATSUniversity of Buffalo Clinical and Translational Science Institute3 UL1 TR001412-08Timothy Murphy, State University of New York at Buffalo
NCCIHNIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory-Coordinating Center (U24)5 U24 AT009676-07Adrian Hernandez, Duke University
NCCIHEmotional Well-Being and Economic Burden Research Network5 U24 AT011310-03Maria Pisu, University of Alabama at Birmingham 
NCCIHMindfulness-Based Intervention for Depression and Insulin Resistance in Adolescents5 R01 AT011008-04Lauren Shomaker, Colorado State University
NCCIHNetwork to Advance the Study of Mechanisms Underlying Mind-Body Interventions and Measurement of Emotional Wellbeing5 U24 AT011281-03Crystal Park, University of Connecticut Storrs
NCCIHThe plasticity of well-being: A research network to define, measure and promote human flourishing5 U24 AT011289-03Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
NCIAdvancing Equitable Risk-based Breast Cancer Screening and Surveillance in Community Practice2 P01 CA154292-12Diana Miglioretti, University of California at Davis
NCIPromoting Smoke-Free Homes in Rural American Indian Households1 R01 CA268024-02Michelle Kegler, Emory University
NCIThe Science of Cancer Health Equity for Sexual and Gender Minority Communities1R13 CA284572-01Charles Kamen, University of Rochester
NHGRIEstablishing the PhenX Toolkit as a Biomedical Knowledgebase1 U24 HG012556-02Carol Hamilton, Research Triangle Institute
NHLBIInnovative Approaches to Randomized Behavioral Clinical Trials5 R25 HL149668-04Kenneth Freedland, Washington University
NHLBISociety of Behavioral Medicine 2023 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions1 R13 HL168942-01Margaret Schneider, Society of Behavioral Medicine
NHLBIStrengthening Causal Inference in Behavioral Obesity Research5 R25 HL124208-09David Allison, Trustees of Indiana University
NHLBIUS Ten Day Seminar on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke1 R13 HL170701-01Cheryl Anderson, University of California, San Diego
NIAA planning project to pilot test and optimize dietary approaches to slow aging and design a long-term trial5 U01 AG073204-03Corby Martin, LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Center
NIABenefits and Harms of Long-term Osteoporosis Pharmacotherapy: Impact of Treatment Length, Type, Switching, and Holidays1 R01 AG078759-02Kaleen Hayes, Brown University
NIACalculator for Length of Use of Bisphosphonates (CLUB)1 R01 AG079118-02Laura Carbone, Augusta University
NIAComparative Effectiveness and Safety of Osteoporosis Drug Therapies1 R01 AG079113-02Juan Brito Campana, Mayo Clinic Rochester
NIAHealth Aging & Later-Life Outcomes Planning (HALLO-P)5 U01 AG073240-03Stephen Kritchevsky, Wake Forest University Health Sciences
NIANational Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health): Wave VI Core Project5 U01 AG071448-03Robert Hummer, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
NIAAASociety for Prevention Research Annual Meetings, 2022 - 20262 R13 AA025540-08Guillermo Prado, Society for Prevention Research, Inc.
NIAMSPooling International Cohort Studies of Long-Term Bisphosphonate Use and Atypical Femur Fractures1 R01 AR082562-02Douglas Bauer, University of California, San Francisco
NIAMSThe Osteoarthritis Prevention Study (TOPS)1 U01 AR082121-01Stephen Messier, Wake Forest University
NIBIBCenter for Innovative Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases5 U54 EB007958-16Yukari Manabe, Johns Hopkins University
NICHDFamily Well-Being Research Network ("FAM-NET"): Measuring Family Well-Being Across the Lifespan5 U24 HD107562-03Lisa Prosser, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
NICHDA Randomized Intervention Trial to Increase Access to Reproductive Health Services among Adolescents and Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities1 R01 HD111044-01Suzanne McDermott, Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy
NIDATraining Institutes for mobile health (mHealth) methodologies5 R25 DA038167-09Vivek Shetty, University of California, Los Angeles
NIDDKNorth Carolina Consortium for Diversity Career Development in Nutrition, Obesity, and Diabetes Research1 U24 DK132715-02Saame Shaikh, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
NIDDKPredicting Weight Regain Following Weight Loss Using Physiological Measures of Appetite and Energy Expenditure4 UH3 DK128298-03Michael Lowe, Drexel University
NIDDKPredictors of Recidivism to Obesity in Weight-Reduced Individuals4 UH3 DK128302-03Rudolph Leibel, Columbia University Health Sciences
NIDDKUCLA LIFT-UP (Leveraging Institutional support For Talented, Underrepresented Physicians and/or Scientists)1 U24 DK132746-02Obidiugwu Duru, University of California Los Angeles
NIDDKThe Mobility Opportunity Voucher to Eliminate Disparities (MOVED) Study: Obesity and Diabetes Risk in HUD's Community Choice Demonstration1 R01 DK136610-01Craig Pollack, Johns Hopkins University
NIMHA Multimodal Parent-focused Intervention for Vulnerable Populations in the Bronx5 R01 MH126821-03Vilma Gabbay, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
NIMHPersonalized prevention for couples5 R01 MH126880-03Jason Mitchell, Florida International University
NIMHTcher, Take Charge: Increasing PrEP Awareness, Uptake, and Adherence Through Health Care Empowerment and Addressing Social Determinants of Health Among Racially Diverse Trans Women in the Deep South5 R01 MH128049-03Narquis Barak, Public Health Foundation Enterprises
NIMHDPreventing Youth Violence Through Building Equitable Communities: An Evaluation of a Multisystemic Intervention1 R01 MD017477-02Krista Mehari, University of South Alabama
NIMHDTRUE HAVEN: TRUsted rEsidents and Housing Assistance to decrease Violence Exposure in New Haven1 R01 MD017526-02Emily Wang, Yale University
NIMHDVALE+TU SALUD: Corner-Based Randomized Trial to Test a Latino Day Laborer Program Adapted to Prevent COVID-195 R01 MD016328-03Maria Fernandez-Esquer, University of Texas Health Science Center Houston
NINRIntensifying Community Referrals for Health: The SINCERE Intervention to Address COVID-19 Health Disparities5 R01 NR019944-03Andrea Wallace, University of Utah
NINRWar of Attrition: Predicting Dropout from Pediatric Weight Management5 R01 NR017639-05Joseph Skelton, Wake Forest University Health Sciences

NIH-Sponsored Meetings, Workshops, and Conferences

OrganizationProject TitleContactEmail
NCI16th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation Research in HealthGila Netagila.neta@nih.gov
NIMHDNIH Rural Health Seminar: Improving Rural Health Through Research Dissemination and ImplementationPriscah Mujurupriscah.mujuru@nih.gov
SGMROInformation Gathering on Gender Affirming Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse PopulationsIrene Avilairene.avila@mail.nih.gov

Federal Initiatives and Projects

OrganizationProject TitleContactEmail
CDCCommunity Guide Systematic Effectiveness Review: Interventions to Create Trauma-Informed SchoolsJulie Racine-Parshallayn1@cdc.gov
CDCCommunity Guide Systematic Effectiveness Review: Fruit and Vegetable Incentive ProgramsJulie Racine-Parshallayn1@cdc.gov
CDCCommunity Guide Systematic Effectiveness Review: Family-based Interventions to Prevent Substance Use Among YouthJulie Racine-Parshallayn1@cdc.gov
CDCCommunity Guide Systematic Effectiveness Review: NPIs (Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions) for Community-Based Residential Care for Older Adults to Reduce Transmission of Infectious DiseasesJulie Racine-Parshallayn1@cdc.gov
NCINational Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) Coordinating CenterDavid Berrigandb353e@nih.gov
NCIScientific and Technical Services for the Automated Self-Administered 24-hour (ASA24) Dietary Assessment SystemChristie Kaeferkaeferc@mail.nih.gov
NICHDAgriculture and Diet: Value Added for Nutrition Translation and Adaptation in a Global Ecology: the ADVANTAGE ProjectDan Raitenraitend@mail.nih.gov
OBSSRNational Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) Team Science Consensus Study Alyssa Dolgealyssa.dolge@mail.nih.gov
ODPHPHealthy People 2030: Assessing the Well-Being of the NationEmmeline Ochiaiemmeline.ochiai@hhs.gov
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