35 Years of Putting Prevention Research First

In 1986, the NIH established the ODP to promote and coordinate prevention research among NIH Institutes and Centers and other public and private entities. This infographic (download a PDF version) shares some of our milestones and accomplishments from the last 35 years. You can read our October 2021 Director’s Message to learn more.

ODP 35th Anniversary Infographic, described below

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The NIH Office of Disease Prevention Celebrates 35 Years of Putting Prevention Research First

ODP's Mission

To improve public health by increasing the scope, quality, dissemination and impact of prevention research.


The ODP:

  • was founded in 1986;
  • helped launch the Women’s Health Initiative in 1991;
  • set up the Office of Rare Diseases Research in 1993;
  • added the Office of Dietary Supplements in 1995;
  • developed the Medicine in the Media course in 2002;
  • started the Mind the Gap seminar series in 2007;
  • established the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program in 2013; and
  • introduced the ADVANCE: Advancing Prevention Research for Health Equity research effort in 2021.

Innovative Portfolio Analysis

ODP’s analysis of 14,253 abstracts shows that in fiscal year 2019, prevention research represented:

  • 20.7% of all new NIH research projects, and
  • 27.4% of all new NIH research funding.

Prevention Initiatives 

Since 2012, the ODP issued more than 40 trans-NIH funding opportunities and provided more than $17.6 million in co-funding support, for more than 303 prevention research projects. 


The ODP: 

  • Brought together 59 members of the Prevention Research Coordinating Committee.
  • Organized 7 Scientific Interest Groups to address unmet prevention needs.
  • Coordinated support for 23 Tobacco Regulatory Science and more than 320 tobacco regulatory research projects through the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program, a strong partnership between FDA and NIH.
  • Partnered with the Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) for 25 years. NIH-funded research has informed more than 60 CPSTF findings.
  • Monitored NIH research activities to address more than 50 and help upgrade 11 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force “insufficient evidence” statements.
  • Represented the NIH in 5 decades (1990, 2000, 2010, 2020, and 2030) of the federal Healthy People initiative.


The ODP: 


The ODP: 

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Last updated on October 19, 2021