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Spotlight on 2022

I am proud to share our Spotlight on 2022 annual report, which highlights some of ODP’s key projects and accomplishments from the last year. The Office continued to make tremendous progress toward implementing our Fiscal Year 2019-2023 (FY19-23) Strategic Plan – now in its fifth and final year – and we also underwent considerable growth. 

Equitable and inclusive prevention research can help reduce many health disparities. To underscore our commitment to improving health equity, in 2022 we elevated our cross-cutting theme on health disparities to a seventh strategic priority: Address Health Disparities. We also expanded our Office, adding new staff who stimulate and coordinate prevention-related research across NIH and with our federal partners to eliminate health disparities. While a health equity lens will continue to apply to activities across all ODP strategic priorities, the designation of health disparities as a distinct strategic priority better positions ODP to facilitate NIH-wide efforts in this area.

Although this is only a sampling of the work we’ve undertaken, we’re delighted to highlight the following key projects and accomplishments. 

Over the past year, ODP :  

  • Identified trends in NIH prevention research and ODP co-funded projects
  • Supported research on the impact of FDA proposed rules, including prohibiting menthol as a characterizing flavor in cigarettes
  • Launched the NIH-wide Advancing Prevention Research for Health Equity (ADVANCE) initiative
  • Contributed to the use of high-quality research methods across NIH
  • Leveraged partnerships to identify and fill research gaps through the Pathways to Prevention program
  • Rolled out the Prevention in Focus Webinar Series featuring prevention scientists making advances in public health.

I hope this Spotlight on 2022 illustrates how we’re bringing together experts across NIH and the federal government to strengthen disease prevention and health promotion research. In 2023, we are looking forward to building on this progress to move prevention research forward and launching our new Strategic Plan for FY24–28.

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