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Your Feedback: Collaborating To Advance Prevention Research

The ODP is pleased to share the analysis of public comments (PDF) we received in response to our Request for Information (RFI): Stakeholder Input on Opportunities for Increased Collaboration to Advance Prevention Research.

We released the RFI to gather ideas for how we can move prevention research forward through increased collaboration and engagement with our stakeholders. To that end, we asked for input on the following areas:

  • Strategies for increasing collaboration and engagement
  • Suggestions for how to foster high-quality collaborative prevention research and in what areas
  • Resources that would be helpful to organizations to advance prevention research
  • Scientific meetings that might benefit from ODP participation.

The RFI was open for 45 days and we received a total of 74 responses. Comments were submitted by individuals, federal government employees, patient advocates, health care professionals, researchers in both academia and industry, and professional societies.

Common suggestions included:

  • Increasing prevention research and funding in areas related to chronic diseases.
  • Adopting a transdisciplinary approach to research and involving non-traditional partners from educational, housing, transportation, and economic organizations.
  • Involving members from the community and professional organizations in the research process.
  • Supporting and highlighting dissemination and implementation efforts to move disease prevention research into practice using evidence-based strategies.
  • Organizing meetings to identify prevention needs, share expertise, and create actionable recommendations. Respondents also recommended that the ODP increase its participation in scientific meetings to foster and enhance high-quality, collaborative prevention research.
  • Increasing opportunities related to prevention research methods and measurement, such as supporting the development of new and better methods and offering more training in these areas.

Thank you to everyone who responded for your thoughtful comments. The ODP welcomes continued dialogue with our stakeholders to discuss the topics identified in this report and to further enhance collaboration and engagement. You can always reach us at .