Pragmatic and Group-Randomized Trials in Public Health and Medicine

September 8, 2016
20 - 30 Minutes (Each Course)
David M. Murray, Ph.D., Office of Disease Prevention, NIH
Offered by
NIH Office of Disease Prevention (ODP)
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This is a free, 7-part, self-paced online course with instructional slide sets, readings, and guided activities. 

  • Part 1 provides an introduction and overview of the three kinds of randomized trials and their distinguishing characteristics.
  • Part 2 considers the design of group-randomized trials (GRTs).
  • Part 3 discusses analytical approaches to GRTs and individually randomized group-treatment trials (IRGTs).
  • Part 4 explores important power and sample size considerations for GRTs.
  • Part 5 provides examples of GRTs from the Health Care Systems Collaboratory, a project funded by the NIH.
  • Part 6 reviews recent practices in GRTs and IRGTs based on literature reviews.
  • Part 7 examines alternative designs to evaluate interventions in comparison to GRTs and IRGTs.