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Unlocking Solutions: Menthol Smoking Cessation Strategies

July 22, 2024
Monica Webb Hooper, Ph.D.
Monica Webb Hooper, Ph.D.

National Institute on Minority Health 
and Health Disparities

About the Webinar

Tobacco smoking, particularly mentholated products, remains a significant U.S. public health concern. Despite concerted efforts to reduce tobacco use, menthol cigarettes continue to exert a stronghold, posing unique challenges for individuals attempting to quit. This presentation delves into the complexities surrounding menthol smoking cessation and research on effective intervention strategies among adults. This presentation elucidates the nuanced behavioral, physiological, and sociocultural dimensions underpinning dependence on commercial tobacco products, offering insights into targeted and individually tailored cessation approaches. 

Drawing upon interdisciplinary research, this presentation also describes the development and efficacy of behavioral therapies with adjuvant pharmacotherapy, and culturally specific interventions designed to address the needs of adults who smoke menthol tobacco products. Finally, promising avenues for promoting successful cessation outcomes and thereby mitigating the disproportionate burden of tobacco-related morbidity and mortality are discussed. 

About Monica Webb Hooper

Dr. Monica Webb Hooper is Deputy Director of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) at NIH. She is an internationally recognized licensed clinical health psychologist and translational behavioral scientist, with over 20 years of working every day to improve the health and quality of life among underserved communities. Her collaborative, community engaged science seeks to prevent or reduce the impact of chronic illnesses on populations with health disparities. Through her work, Dr. Webb Hooper has directly improved the health of thousands of racial and ethnic minority group adults and families, developing and delivering successful treatments for overcoming addictions such as tobacco smoking, achieving personal weight management goals, reducing distress and mental health concerns (e.g., anxiety or depression), and improving partner and family relationships.

NIMHD leads and supports cutting edge science to improve minority health, reduce health disparities, and promote health equity. As NIMHD Deputy Director, Dr. Webb Hooper partners with the Director on overall executive direction and scientific leadership of the institute. Dr. Webb Hooper is also highly committed to the equitable and inclusive training of the next cadre of scientists who are invested in improving population health, community health, and global health.

Overall, Dr. Webb Hooper is dedicated to the scientific study of minority health and racial and ethnic disparities, and interventions to reduce them. She has published over 100 articles and book chapters and has been featured in numerous editorials throughout her career. The mantra of her work is “science and partnerships that benefit and serve communities.”

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