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Transparent, Open, and Reproducible Prevention Science

January 24, 2023
Sean Grant
Sean Grant, Ph.D., M.S.

HEDCO Institute for
Evidence-Based Educational Practice at
the College of Education, University of Oregon

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About the Webinar

The field of prevention science aims to understand societal problems, identify effective interventions, and translate scientific evidence into policy and practice. There is growing interest among prevention scientists in the potential for transparency, openness, and reproducibility to facilitate this mission by providing opportunities to align scientific practice with scientific ideals, accelerate scientific discovery, and broaden access to scientific knowledge.

This webinar provides an overview of open science for prevention researchers. Topics include factors motivating interest in transparency and reproducibility, research practices associated with open science, and stakeholders engaged in, and impacted by, open science reform efforts. In addition, this webinar discusses how and why different types of prevention research could incorporate open science practices, as well as ways that prevention science tools and methods could be leveraged to advance the wider open science movement. The webinar identifies activities that aim to strengthen the reliability and efficiency of prevention science, facilitate access to prevention science products and outputs, and promote collaborative and inclusive participation in research activities. The webinar concludes with potential reservations and challenges for the field of prevention science to address as it transitions to greater transparency, openness, and reproducibility.

About Sean Grant

Dr. Sean Grant is a Research Associate Professor with the HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice at the College of Education, University of Oregon. His scholarship focuses on the generation and use of research evidence across the social, behavioral, and health sciences. As a methodologist, he is specifically interested in research synthesis methods, open science practices, and online Delphi processes due to their significant influence on the credibility and utility of prevention science for policy and practice decisions. His work on these methods also involves collaborative, translational research focused on specific topics (e.g., substance use and mental health). He currently provides service to the field as the Methodological Transparency Editor of the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, an Associate Editor of both Systematic Reviews and Trials, an Associate Methods Editor for Campbell Systematic Reviews, and an editorial board member of Prevention Science. Prior to joining University of Oregon, he was a Behavioral and Social Scientist at RAND Corporation, a faculty member at Pardee RAND Graduate School, and an Associate Professor at Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. He completed his doctorate in social intervention as a Clarendon scholar at the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, University of Oxford.

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