NIH: Office of Disease Prevention


The ODP disseminates information about research gaps across the NIH and to the extramural research community, and works collaboratively with stakeholders to encourage and coordinate activities to address research needs. The bullets below provide additional information about ODP’s role in assisting to close prevention research gaps.

  • The ODP Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2014–2018 charts new directions for the Office and outlines activities to advance prevention research at the NIH. Three of the Office’s six  strategic priorities are related to identifying and addressing gaps in prevention research—  
    • Strategic Priority II: Identify prevention research areas for investment or expanded effort by the NIH.
    • Strategic Priority IV: Promote collaborative prevention research projects and facilitate coordination of such projects across the NIH and with other public and private entities.
    • Strategic Priority V: Identify and promote the use of evidence-based interventions and promote the conduct of implementation and dissemination research in prevention.
  • The ODP is a federal partner to the Community Preventive Services Task Force External Website Policy, which is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and makes recommendations about community-based preventive services. Similar to the USPSTF, the Community Task Force uses rigorous systematic reviews in considering whether to recommend for or against a prevention service, and issues ‘Insufficient Evidence’ statements for those services for which the evidence base is lacking. A listing of Community Preventive Services Task Force recommendations External Website Policy, including Insufficient Evidence findings, is available to the public.
  • The goal of ODP’s Pathways to Prevention (P2P) is to host workshops that identify research gaps in a selected scientific area, identify methodological and scientific weaknesses in that area, suggest research needs, and move the field forward through an unbiased, evidence‐based assessment of a complex public health issue.
  • ODP’s Resources for Researchers webpage provides guidance to extramural investigators on how to apply for NIH funding and navigate the NIH grants process, with a prevention research focus.