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Improving Rural Health Through Telehealth-Guided Provider-to-Provider Communication - Spread the Word

October 12–14, 2021
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We encourage you to use the tools below to help promote the virtual National Institutes of Health (NIH) Pathways to Prevention Workshop: Improving Rural Health Through Telehealth-Guided Provider-to-Provider Communication.



About one-fifth of all people in the United States live in rural areas, which have higher mortality rates, a higher prevalence of diseases, and lower life expectancy than urban areas. Health care providers may be able to use telehealth to collaborate and improve rural health outcomes, but more research is needed. This virtual #NIHP2P workshop will help identify and address research gaps to expand provider-to-provider telehealth in rural areas. Register now:

Telehealth-guided collaboration between health care providers can increase access to services and improve health outcomes in underserved rural areas. This virtual #NIHP2P workshop will explore what is and is not known about the effectiveness of telehealth-guided provider-to-provider communication to improve health outcomes in rural settings:


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Last updated on May 20, 2021