NIH: Office of Disease Prevention

Pathways to Prevention Workshop: Advancing Research to Prevent Youth Suicide . March 29-30, 2016

The NIH Office of Disease Prevention (ODP) convened a Federal Partners Meeting with representatives from multiple federal government agencies on April 19, 2017. The purpose of this meeting was to develop a plan to address recommendations in the final panel report from the March 29–30, 2016, Pathways to Prevention (P2P) Workshop: Advancing Research to Prevent Youth Suicide. That report was published in December 2016.

As the final step in the P2P workshop on preventing youth suicide, participants in the April 2017 Federal Partners Meeting identified opportunities and next steps for addressing the workshop panel’s recommendations, including:

  • Create a national workgroup focused on key issues relating to youth suicide with member organizations (both public and private) from the local to the national level.
  • Identify, compile, and integrate existing datasets with data on youth suicide risk/preventive factors to enable further secondary analyses.
  • Develop improved experimental designs, data harmonization, and analytical techniques for examining youth suicide risk/protective factors.
  • Strengthen the research and practice communities by training local-level practitioners to collect and use suicide surveillance data and by training researchers to link studies to mortality data.
  • Provide researchers, practitioners, and communities with resources to increase their adoption and use of evidence-based practices, including:
    • Data dashboards for assessing the efficacy of individual and policy-level intervention programs.
    • Ready-to-use strategies to facilitate translation and dissemination of research findings and navigation of privacy, ethical, and legal requirements related to use of secondary data.

The Federal Partners Meeting report, which is now available to download, summarizes the discussion and action items identified at the Federal Partners Meeting for the P2P Workshop: Advancing Research to Prevent Youth Suicide.