NIH: Office of Disease Prevention


Physical Activity Workshop

December 13–14, 2012
Bethesda, Maryland

The Physical Activity Workshop is an award given annually to a scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of epidemiology or clinical trials research. Past topics include the new trend toward multi-authored studies with large data sets, strategies for analyzing conflicting studies, and new epidemiology training standards that incorporate policy and politics.

Consensus Development Program

The Consensus Development Program produced evidence-based consensus statements addressing controversial medical issues important to researchers, health care providers, policymakers, patients, and the general public.

Medicine in the Media Course

Medicine in the Media was a 3-day course in which journalists covering medical issues could improve their skills of evaluating science stories and reporting research in the most accurate way possible.

Past ODP Events

Use of the Electronic Medical Record in Prevention Research
Medicine: Mind the Gap
Presented by William M. Vollmer, Ph.D.
June 15, 2017
Series Topic #2: Guidelines for Screening in Children
Medicine: Mind the Gap
Presented by David C. Grossman, M.D., M.P.H.
October 20, 2016